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Why Body Of Rules Are A Huge Benefit In A Community

Law is a very important tool to each and every country in the whole universe. If there was no law compulsion, your world would be nothing and there would be wars everywhere. People would be protected by nobody if there was no rules and they would be harmed and violated in their society.

In the city, village or in a community is where people live and they interact with each other in their daily basis. Law has made people to live with respect and it has also made them to pay what they are supposed to pay like taxes and other government regular payment.

Bad people would steal from you, threat you, take advantage of you and do many more bad thing if there was no presence of law at all time.
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Due to law enforcement, do not have take someone who have done a wrong to you to the magistrate by yourself because there are people who will help you do that and get justice in an easy way. Many people would go hard time in their own country if there was no enforcement of rules and they would be living a terrible life.
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No one will mind if your house has being broken into or your belongings have being stolen if there was no rule at all and you could be in a great risks. Without law things would not be normal like they are today and world would be in trouble with the wrong doers.

There would be no justice if you are hit by a car if there was no law and many people would have disabilities and other would have died from the accident. People would be no where if there was no rule and regulation and don’t forget that they would not be protected from any harm or violence.

Domestic issues would not be well handled if there was no law in your society and many people would be in deep trouble and sometimes many people would have lost their live out of that. The domestic concern law department have helped many women who have been violated in their homes and they are living a safe life. Many people who have owned a lot of properties would lose them in a blink of an eye if there was no law to protect their property and they would be in a poor condition. You should know that the law identifies that no person deserve to be discriminated whether it be because of their race, skin color, sex and gender. Those who discriminate must be punished by the countries’ own respective law.